Find the right place for your birth – Which? Birth Choice tool

iStock_000011700392XSmall[1]There are usually several options to choose when making the decision where to have your baby; Hospital, Home, Birth Centre – Alongside (in the hospital), Birth Centre – Freestanding (away from the hospital), but which one is right for you?

Which?, in association with BirthChoiceUK, have created an award winning online tool to help. By answering  a few questions  about things that are important to you such as pain relief and whether you want to use a pool, you will get results of the place that has the right fit for you. You can also get local options if you enter your postcode.

Which? says ‘We want to enable women to explore all of their options and match their own preferences and circumstances to local services. We’ve tried to make the information presented as personalised as possible and it is designed to promote more informed discussions with health professionals’.

To get started with the Birth Choice tool click here.


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