A BirthPrep Antenatal Class – What to Expect

Courses pictureWalking into an antenatal class for the first time can be daunting. What to expect? Think of an antenatal class and you may imagine couples in a group sitting on the floor with cushions or on birthing balls.

Television programmes are full of these images. Even the NHS Choices website on antenatal classes shows an image of couples on the floor which actually reminds me of when my children used to sit on the floor in primary school for story time.

When I set up BirthPrep I wanted to provide adult education where people would feel comfortable in an informal setting where they could have all their questions answered.

So what is a BirthPrep antenatal class like?  Well, we don’t sit on the floor on cushions or on birthing balls unless someone chooses to bring their own. We don’t practice movement/exercise in the classes or show birth videos and there is no role play. We do give you unbiased evidence-based information with The BirthPrep Programme to give you the confidence to make decisions about your labour and birth. You will benefit from our experience helping thousands of women give birth.

There are no more than 6 couples in a class. We encourage questions throughout because this is your chance to ask an experienced midwife about anything. We usually find lots to laugh about! All classes include refreshments and handouts.

Relaxed and Informal

Our classes are for everyone whether this is your first baby or you have had a baby before. The atmosphere is informal with breaks for refreshments and chat with other couples. Questions are encouraged throughout the sessions. Our course feedback consistently tells us that our parents feel comfortable to ask anything.

On our evening courses, an important part of the course is to get to know other couples and there is a reunion to meet up afterwards with your babies. We have an email group when the sessions are finished so that everyone can share baby news, recommend groups and meet up. Even on the One-Day classes couples often swap phone numbers and get together afterwards.

A Bespoke Class

Although we follow the BirthPrep Programme the classes are also designed to meet the needs of the people there.  Every class is a bespoke class. If you would like to join us visit our Antenatal Classes page and you can book online.

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