How many antenatal appointments should you have with your midwife?

Not sure if you are having the right amount of appointments with your midwife? Here is the schedule of appointments for a healthy pregnant woman recommended by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) which you can expect your midwife to follow:

First baby Subsequent babies
First contact with the midwife First contact with the midwife
Booking appointment Booking appointment
16 weeks 16 weeks
18-20 weeks ultrasound scan 18-20 weeks ultrasound scam
25 weeks ——–
28 weeks 28 weeks
31 weeks ——–
34 weeks 34 weeks
36 weeks 36 weeks
38 weeks 38 weeks
40 weeks ———
41 weeks 41 weeks
42 weeks 42 weeks

For details of what to expect at each appointment you can read the NICE Pathway for Antenatal Care.  If you have any concerns in between appointments many midwives run drop-in sessions or you can contact the Labour Ward/Triage midwife at the hospital where you are booked to have your baby.

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