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A BirthPrep Antenatal Class – What to Expect

Walking into an antenatal class for the first time can be daunting. What to expect? Think of an antenatal class and you may imagine couples in a group sitting on the floor with cushions or on birthing balls. Television programmes are full of these images. Even the NHS Choices website on antenatal classes shows an […]

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How many antenatal appointments should you have with your midwife?

Not sure if you are having the right amount of appointments with your midwife? Here is the schedule of appointments for a healthy pregnant woman recommended by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) which you can expect your midwife to follow: First baby Subsequent babies First contact with the midwife First contact […]

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How to be a great birthing partner

You want to be there to support her but how can you be a great birthing partner? Here are some tips:  Be organised Pack the hospital bags together so that you know where everything is when she needs something. It can be stressful if you can’t find something she needs. Make sure there is always […]

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More antenatal class feedback

We really appreciate the time people spend filling in evaluation forms at the end of the classes and I thought I would share some of the latest feedback. Which aspect of the course did you find most useful? ‘Explanation of the birth process, the early days following birth. The exercises encouraged participation. People are told […]

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Waterbirth in Leeds

We have had many water babies born to BirthPrep parents over the last couple of years and some have enjoyed the new pool at Leeds General Infirmary. Until now the LGI has been the only place to go for a waterbirth in Leeds but now St. James’s Hospital is installing a pool. Work has started […]

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Where to give birth: Home, Midwife-led Unit or Hospital – Findings of the BirthPlace Study.

Couples often come to our antenatal classes with the dilemma of where to give birth. Factors such as pain relief options, safety of mother and baby and distance from the hospital all affect their decisions. The recent BirthPlace Study (Oxford University 2011) can provide some facts and figures to help. The Birthplace study reported on […]

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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to you all! I know there are many of you who regularly read our blog so this is a good time to reflect on 2011 and let you know our thoughts for 2012. Couples Courses The couples evening course in Garforth, Leeds, has really thrived with couples attending from Garforth and the […]

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Antenatal Class Feedback

All of our courses of antenatal classes are evaluated by our parents and we see that as being an extremely important part of what we do. Here is some of our latest feedback from a recent class. These are real comments (we never make anything up) and will help you decide whether BirthPrep antenatal classes […]

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Antenatal Classes for Everyone

Initially we had planned to provide separate refresher antenatal classes for parents who have had a baby before. However, the feedback from our second and third-time parents who have attended our classes has been good and they have felt their needs have been met. Therefore, we are now including everyone in all our classes. We […]

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One-Day Antenatal Classes in Leeds

 The next One-Day Class will be on Saturday 5th November 2011 at the Holiday Inn Hotel in Garforth, Leeds. We recently held an evening course there and it’s a really accessible venue for most of Yorkshire, being close to the M1. These One-Day classes are ideal if you haven’t the time for a course or you need […]

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