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How to have a drug-free birth

Last week I was with a couple for a one-to-one session. When we got on to the topic of pain relief in labour the mum said she just wanted to use gas and air if possible. We then talked about how she could manage without other forms of pain relief and I gave her some […]

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Find the right place for your birth – Which? Birth Choice tool

There are usually several options to choose when making the decision where to have your baby; Hospital, Home, Birth Centre – Alongside (in the hospital), Birth Centre – Freestanding (away from the hospital), but which one is right for you? Which?, in association with BirthChoiceUK, have created an award winning online tool to help.

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New online hypnobirthing course

Maggie Howell of Natal Hypnotherapy has just announced their new online hypnobirthing course. Maggie says ‘ This new course is the accumulation of my 15 years knowledge, insight and experience of giving birth 5 times and helping 1000’s of women have a really positive experience through the use of hypnosis as well as teaching them the […]

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10 ways to help yourself to an easier birth

The prospect of giving birth can be daunting whether you are having your  first or your fourth baby.  Here  are some key things  you can do to help yourself cope with labour, reduce complications and even shorten your labour.    1. Exercise Exercise during pregnancy can help you cope with the physical and mental demands of labour and giving […]

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How to be a great birthing partner

You want to be there to support her but how can you be a great birthing partner? Here are some tips:  Be organised Pack the hospital bags together so that you know where everything is when she needs something. It can be stressful if you can’t find something she needs. Make sure there is always […]

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More antenatal class feedback

We really appreciate the time people spend filling in evaluation forms at the end of the classes and I thought I would share some of the latest feedback. Which aspect of the course did you find most useful? ‘Explanation of the birth process, the early days following birth. The exercises encouraged participation. People are told […]

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What to pack in your hospital bag

Trying to decide what to take with you for your hospital birth? It’s a good idea to have a bag packed by 37 weeks even if you are not planning a hospital birth in case you need to go in unexpectedly. Some people use one bag for everything and others pack one bag for mum […]

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Waterbirth in Leeds

We have had many water babies born to BirthPrep parents over the last couple of years and some have enjoyed the new pool at Leeds General Infirmary. Until now the LGI has been the only place to go for a waterbirth in Leeds but now St. James’s Hospital is installing a pool. Work has started […]

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Positions for Labour and Birth

  As part of their Campaign for Normal Birth the Royal College of Midwives has created a series of video clips to demonstrate positions that can be used for labour and birth. They show both the birth centre and hospital environment. You can see how the birthing/gym ball is used in labour. If you would […]

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Where to give birth: Home, Midwife-led Unit or Hospital – Findings of the BirthPlace Study.

Couples often come to our antenatal classes with the dilemma of where to give birth. Factors such as pain relief options, safety of mother and baby and distance from the hospital all affect their decisions. The recent BirthPlace Study (Oxford University 2011) can provide some facts and figures to help. The Birthplace study reported on […]

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